For years I have been exploring the idea that reality is not what it seems. After many psychedelic journeys, plant medicine ceremonies, years of Buddhist practice, and other forms of spiritual searching, I feel I am finally starting to get a clearer sense of the multi-dimensional nature of our Self and reality. I find it very difficult to ‘bring back’ clear explanations of how the multi-dimensional universe functions, and have always planned on waiting until I had mastery and understanding of this realm before I tried to share what I have learned. As an admitted non-Master, I ask your permission to share, stimulate, teach and learn from others in the medium of this blog/website. In the process hopefully we can all help each other become Masters. I believe that at least an intellectual, if not experiential, understanding of the multi-dimensional nature of Self and Reality can help us live lives in harmony with one another, our environment, and have peace and power regarding many of the mysteries of life that elude us, such as birth and death, time and space, creativity and abundance.

5 Responses to Welcome

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great intro, David. Have always enjoyed your journey into the light. Jobar

  2. Anonymous says:

    You are an amazing man! Love you, Linda

  3. seemalv says:

    I loved you Big Sir experience. I have been chanting from about a month now and I have seen an big transformation that has come through from within. I am now waiting for some wishes to be manifested.

    I had a question for you. When you are chanting, is it almost like meditation where your concentration is on a single object and you lose sense of yourself? Because open eyes chanting is new to me and I want to know if I am in the right path.

    • davidbarile says:

      Thanks for your comment. Personally, I found chanting was not about losing your sense of self – for that I meditate. Open eyed chanting is more about summoning forth your Buddha-nature (your most loving, powerful, courageous self) in order to live the life you wish to live. Tapping into the spiritual to influence the physical. I did not find it as a path to transcendence, just to living a happy, fulfilled, powerful life.

  4. Kathy Thompson says:

    David, you recited one of your poems tonight and it was truly powerful and touched my soul. There is hope but quite a challenge. Thank you for referring me to your blog/website. I look forward to learning more. Kathy

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