Thirsty in a Dream

I was just dreaming I was in a supermarket. I felt thirsty and had a specific but distant memory of the perfect solution to my thirst (a glass of water I had poured before going to bed) being in arm’s reach, but my dreaming mind couldn’t conceive of how this was possible, as it seemed I was in a large store. I searched the aisles, thinking perhaps the gallons of bottled water would provide the solution to my thirst, but somehow I knew even if I drank in the dream, it would not satisfy. I experienced “cognitive dissonance” as my dreaming mind that felt it was in a vast space tried to conceive of the concept of “arm’s reach”. Only when I awoke to find I was not the person I thought I was, walking around in a supermarket, but another “me” sleeping in my bed did the glass of water by my bedside make sense.

For some the metaphor may be obvious, but it dawned on me that the yearning I feel for peace/love/contentment is like my thirst in the dream. And I fruitlessly search in the 3D physical world of illusion for the solution, all the while true love/peace is right with me. My mistaken perception that I am my mind/body/ego and that my perceived reality is real makes it impossible to realize how close the perfect solution to my yearning is, and how impossible it is to find this peace without waking up from this false dream and realizing my true self.

An interesting detail of the metaphor is that the thirst I felt in the dream actually came from the “real me” in bed. Also, somewhere deep inside, my “dream me” had some vague yet specific memory/sense of a glass of water nearby, which was able to penetrate into the supermarket dream, even though from the perspective of the dream it was impossible. And it was clinging to this deep knowing and rejecting the lesser thirst-solutions in the dream that led me to awaken.

Now I gotta pee…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This story gives me a dejavu…Have a lovely week. Remember, your life inspires. Be well.

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